Hi =


I was interested in some information about your =


Ive been a PT for 20 years and operate a very =
‘science based’ approach to training =


I own a gym/studio in Mckinnon, its really well fitted out =
with quality bodybuilding equipment.


My client base is primarily =
self-motivated people wanting expertise, ive graduated past the =
‘babysitting adults’ phase, if I can be =


I only do private sessions for quality/attn to detail and =
im always doing my best to soak in more knowledge, hence coming across =
your videos and online programs with Andrew.


Im about to venture into the =
digital world and start training online clients (only ever trained face =
to face, old school!) along with producing some online programs. =


I guess my main interest is in developing my brand and in =
particular my online presence, along with networking as im somewhat =
insulated being a sole operator.


My IG is @sigmaphysique and website:


Im certainly doing a fair bit wrong in terms of my online =
presence as I have very few followers over 175 posts and many years, I =
try and post meaningful content.


As PT’s go, I feel I have a =
far better than average grasp of technique, theory, programming etc but =
can always learn more.


Nonetheless, im wondering if you could give me some info =
about how you could possibly help me develop a plan and implement it =
along with honest/brutal critique as required.


Im very receptive to feedback, not =
at all precious, enjoy any chance to be on camera, public speak =


I will literally do whatever is needed to succeed, theres =
nothing I wont do.


If I sound like someone you could work with, id enjoy to =
chat further.


Have a lovely evening




James =



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