In-Studio Services

private training at sigma


45min 1on1 session

$ 100
  • First Step for new clients
  • A session is worth 1000 words in choosing a PT
  • Conveniently Book Online (Allow 45-60mins)
  • Pressure Free. I identify what your goal requires, you decide.

Semi-Private session

$ 50
  • Paid fortnightly
  • Lock in your time/schedule
  • Conveniently Book Online
  • Includes ongoing Nutritonal Plan & Adjustments


30min 1on1 session

$ 70
  • Paid Fortnightly
  • Great for busy Schedule
  • Structured to ensure progress
  • Simply a "Short 30min" 1on1
  • Conveniently book online

Online Nutrition Plan (coming soon)

My nutrition plans are written with specific foods and measurements and tailored to your specific goals. Whether to drop body fat or maximise muscle gain, or simply to get nutrition back on track and feel better.

As with all my plans, they are written with a high level of accuracy to accomodate your likes, schedule, and any limitations.

* Includes 1 check-in within first 6 weeks for any adjustments and to ensure you are getting the most from my program

Online Training Program (coming soon)

I design all my training programs with a very high level of detail to ensure your training is optimised for your goals.

They are effective & yet simple to follow and accommodate for days you can train, target areas of weakness, along with specifics on the intensity.

Every aspect of the plan is covered in detail, along with exercise video demonstrations by me and execution cues to ensure optimal form. I also cover mindset for approaching your sessions, along with any warmup/activations to approach the session. This ensures optimal progress. Every rep and set will have a reason.

* Includes 1 check-in within first 6 weeks for any adjustments and to ensure you are getting the most from my program.

Skype/Online Consultation

Discuss and cover any questions you may have to optimise your
current training, nutrition and results.

my job is to provide results to my clients

I am a career PT of almost 20 years. There is a process that works. My role is to tailor that process to you as an individual in order to bring you the results you deserve.

A professional PT ensures every session, set & rep has a specific purpose.

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