"Results is always No.1,
but when my clients feel understood...
thats when the magic happens"

Are You Tired Of Feeling Insecure About Your Body?

You arent alone.. Let me show you the results, support & physique you deserve


Choose Your Transformation

About James Killen

I’m a man with nearly 20 years of coaching experience and a relentless pursuit for constant improvement for myself and my clients.
I thrive on challenges and find removing myself from my “comfort zone” has always been a pathway to personal growth.

Regular Public speaking, competitive bodybuilding & powerlifting and an understanding that education is life-long endeavour has allowed me to develop skills across physical, intellectual and interpersonal domains.
Along with 20 years coaching, these endeavours contribute to my strong rapport, impeccable reputation and continued dedication to the progress for my clients.

“Without knowing to which port one is sailing, no wind is favourable. - Seneca

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