FW: Levy Reminder



From: no-reply@civium.com.au =
Sent: Sunday, 1 August 2021 =
6:10 AM
To: james@personal-training.com.au
Subject: =
Levy Reminder



This is a reminder that you have strata =
levies due today. If you have recently paid these levies, please ignore =
this message.

Should you have any queries please =

Levies Department

P: 1300 724 =


We can confirm a grace period is applicable to QLD levies, but it =
is recommended payment is made by the due date to ensure, for those =
buildings with a discount, the discount is applicable and owners are =
financial at the Annual General Meeting in order to =

The grace period is where no interest or =
arrears apply to your account from the due date of this notice unless =
these specific terms have been changed by the Owners =

Failure to pay after the provided grace =
period can result in arrears charges and interest charges =


Civium Levies and =
Arrears Team


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