FW: James, No interest or fees on 3 Month Instalment Plans.

Split purchases into monthly instalments with =
Plan It TM



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Subject: James, No interest or =
fees on 3 Month Instalment Plans.


Split purchases into monthly instalments with Plan It=E2=84=A2 =

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Hi James,

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For a limited time, enjoy $0 Monthly Plan =
, when you create a 3 Month Plan
1 by 28 February 2022. No Fees. Zip. Zero.

Own the things you =
love now, then pay it off in equal monthly instalments. Plus, =
you=E2=80=99ll still have the peace of mind of American Express=C2=AE =
Fraud Protection2 – and you=E2=80=99ll keep enjoying your benefits like usual. =

*Offer is not available on 6 or 12 Month Plans. =


Try Plan It =


Try Plan It =


Set up Plan It=E2=84=A2 in 3 easy steps

When you receive your next statement, log in to the Amex App (or Online =
Account) and select an amount over $150 to Plan It


Select the 3 =
Month Plan
option to see exactly how much you=E2=80=99ll =
pay every month.


Review your plan and confirm =E2=80=93 and skip the Monthly =
1! =

Start Now =


Start Now =


Own it now. Pay it off Later =


Split your balance into bite-sized, equal monthly instalments and for =
a limited time enjoy $0 Monthly Plan =
=E2=84=A2 Fees for 3 Month Plans1.

*Cat not included =






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1. $0 Monthly Fees for 3 Month =
$0 Monthly Plan Fees are only available on 3 =
Month Plan terms created by 28 February 2022. Offer is not available on =
6 or 12 month plans, you will be charged Monthly Plan Fees for plans =
created with terms greater than 3 Months. This fee will be charged each =
month your Instalment Plan is active and will be notified to you before =
you create the Instalment Plan. You can create an Instalment Plan as =
long as your account is in good standing. We may limit the amount that =
can be transferred to an Instalment Plan. Each Instalment Plan will =
begin from the date it is successfully created, as communicated to you =
in your Online Account. Payment of your first Monthly Instalment will be =
due in your next payment cycle. For full terms and conditions of Plan It =
Instalments, click here.

2. Fraud Protection =
Provided that you do not contribute to or =
unreasonably delay reporting any misuse of your Account and you have =
complied with your Card Conditions, you will not be held liable for any =
unauthorised charges.

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