FW: How Civium is helping Owners navigate COVID-19 restrictions



From: Civium Property Group =
Sent: Thursday, 1 July 2021 =
10:18 PM
To: james@personal-training.com.au
Subject: =
How Civium is helping Owners navigate COVID-19 =


To our valued Civium clients,

Given the QLD Government announcement =
this week we would just like to reiterate that we have the processes and =
procedures in place to continue our support of your scheme regardless of =
any further restrictions that may arise in the future. As always the =
safety of our clients and staff will at all times guide our decision =
making on how to best navigate these periods of local =

Two key elements to reaffirm our =
commitment to your continued support are:

Digital =

All meetings including AGM’s, =
EGM’s AND GM’s will be held via a digital means, or within =
the ACT Civium office.

We hosted over 1,000 digital meetings =
during the major 2020 COVID-19 related lockdown (Mar-Jun). The feedback =
we received from our clients reinforced that this was a meeting format =
they would be happy to continue into the future. A major win for our =
client base was alleviating the requirement to have to travel to and =
from a meeting venue, and/or consume either work or personal time. As =
such, we continue to offer this service to our clients and will use =
digital meetings exclusively during COVID-19 lockdown =
periods.Remote Working =

We have a prior track record =
of successfully shutting down and mobilising our workforce into remote =
working arrangements.

We have arrangements in place to continue =
to organise full financial management of each community and property =
including bill payments, receipt of levies and rents, full maintenance =
capability, insurance renewal and claim capability and community =
management including AGM’s, GM’s, and =

We will continue to follow the =
directives of the Department of Queensland Health with any decisions =
made regarding business and social distancing during these times. As =
such, there will be future communications should there be any decisions =
made that may affect the running of your scheme.

As =
stated previously, we do not intend to be alarmist and cause panic, but =
rather would prefer to show that we are prepared and have options to =
help you and your community whilst we navigate any isolated =

If you have any questions or concerns =
through this period please do not hesitate to contact us through any of =
the Civium channels.

Kind Regards,
Elizabeth =
QLD Branch Manager


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