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From: Illawarra After-Hours IT – Support =
Sent: Thursday, 1 April =
2021 2:14 PM
Subject: Hosting Migration / Speed =



Hoping you are well during COVID. Please let me know if =
there is anything I can do to help during these challenging times. =

In =
reviewing my customer’s Server allocation and Server Speeds, I will be =
moving your site away from a dated server. This will involve some =
updates to DNS if your domain is hosted with me. I will take care of =
this at the time. No Changes will be needed from yourself. Unless you =
have your own domain name account. Should you have this please come back =
to me and ill advise new DNS entries needed.


There is no extra charge for the =
speed/host upgrade. I will be migrating the sites to the faster server =
in the coming week. Whilst moving to the new server, I will also be =
doing some security updates to your site.


Couple items I wish to bring to =
your attention:


There are some nasty exploits I have noticed of late coming =
out for WordPress ( your site ). Whilst I host your site, there is no =
individual maintenance on the site. Meaning I don’t upgrade or patch =
every month.
Whilst your site is backed up, it is backed up to the =
online host.  Meaning no offsite backup and only backs up for a =


I now offer customers the below additional plans in light =
of the above:

Security Economy =

Security Business =

$25 P/mth – Charged =

$50 P/mth – Charged =

Monthly Offsite Backups =
– 12 Retention Sets

Weekly Offsite Backups =
– 52 Retention Sets

Website Monthly Core =

Website =
Fortnightly Core Updates

Website Monthly plugin =

Website =
Fortnightly Plugin Updates

Preferential Developer =

2 Developer =

Security plugin for =
site hardening

Security plugin for =
site hardening

Please let me know if =
you have any questions or wish to add any of the above Security =


Richard Crighton
Phone : 0420 567 333
Email : support@illawarraahit.com.au
Web: www.illawarraahit.com.au

Our =
company accepts no liability for the content of this email, or for the =
consequences of any actions taken on the basis of the information =
provided, unless that information is subsequently confirmed in writing. =
Any views or opinions presented in this email are solely those of the =
author and do not necessarily represent those of the company. WARNING: =
Computer viruses can be transmitted via email. The recipient should =
check this email and any attachments for the presence of viruses. The =
company accepts no liability for any damage caused by any virus =
transmitted by this email.


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