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Sorry =
for the delay. Great to hear.  Yes, we can add a feature where a =
specific program can be created and sold to new customers as opposed to =
registering.  Since this would need to be a custom feature, we =
would charge an extra $300 to implement.


Thank you



On =
Wed, Mar 10, 2021 at 11:24 PM James Killen <james@personal-training.co=
m.au> wrote:



Im wanting to go ahead with both IOS and Android Branded =
App for Sigma Physique


I was wondering if there is a feature whereby a specific =
program(s) can be created and sold to new customers as opposed =
registering a client and then creating the =




I create Glute specialist program. The content works =
perfectly within the workout and program framework you already =

This program could be marketed etc as a pay once program =
that gives the new customer access to this program via the app as =
opposed to a client I would be working with on a regular =


Hope that makes sense


If it doesn=E2=80=99t please let me know and will send =
visual clarification.


Thanks for your time


James Killen





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