FW: Client Tracking weights & reps IOS



From: Claire A =
Sent: Saturday, 12 June =
2021 1:49 AM
To: james@personal-training.com.au
Cc: =
Subject: Re: Client Tracking weights =
& reps IOS


Hi James,

Thank you for reaching out about this. =
I have notified our iOS developers of this issue and it is their =
priority today to get it fixed. It will take a day or two for the update =
to be released and pushed through Apple’s review process. In the =
meantime, you can enter results on your mobile device by logging into =
the web app at https://www.fitsw.com/


As for the muscle groups, you can actually edit those by =
navigating to the exercise list and clicking on the word "Muscle =
Group" at the top of the column. This way you can make edits as you =
please to the exercises and their targeted body =


I have reported to our web developers that the button is =
not available on the exercise list to add a new exercise. However, in =
the meantime, you can still add exercises on the web app when you are =
looking at the workout editor screen and choosing/adding new exercises =
while building a workout. 


We sincerely apologize for the inconveniences these bugs =
have caused you and your business. Thank you for your understanding and =
patience thus far and for helping in reporting issues as you find them. =
We completely understand the frustrations and are working hard to fix =
any and all issues that have come about in the most recent updates. We =
appreciate you and your impact on your community and hope you choose to =
continue working with FitSW as we grow and =


Kind regards,



On Thu, 10 Jun at 11:24 PM , =
James Killen <james@personal-training.co=
m.au> wrote:

Hi Claire,


Hope you are well.


Just a quick follow up on the issue Amantha was/is =
having with inputting workout data as a client on =


To my knowledge this problem is still persisting. Do you =
have a timeframe on when this is likely to be =


I also wanted to bring to your attention 2 new issues =
relating to adding exercises in the Exercise Gallery. (Screenshots =


Quadriceps and Shoulders are no longer options for =
Unless im =
mistaken, I have no option to add a new exercises on the Web =


As you can appreciate, these issues have made the app =


I=E2=80=99m sure it is a challenge building and =
continually updating an app and I do value your customer service & =
prompt replies. However, I have invested significant time and money into =
a fitness app that is buggy at best, unusable at =


As you may remember I have paid for an IOS and Android =
version to be =E2=80=98Skinned=E2=80=99 into my business name. I have =
waited 3 months thus far to pass on the designs to your team, I am =
hesitant to attach my business name & reputation to a fitness app =
that cannot provide the features you =


I don=E2=80=99t doubt the effort and intent behind the =
FITSW app, hence my patience, loyalty and =E2=80=98investment=E2=80=99 =
to this point.


Unfortunately these ongoing issues are hindering my =
ability to develop my business, creating a significant opportunity cost =
and consuming my time. I am very close to the point of requesting a =
refund and finding an alternate solution if the app can=E2=80=99t =
provide as promised.


Kind Regards


James Killen


Sigma Physique







From: Claire A =
Sent: Wednesday, 26 May 2021 3:33 AM
To: james@personal-training.co=
Cc: amantha@inventium.com.au
Subject: Re: Client Tracking weights & reps IOS


Hi James,

Perfect, thank you for sending that. I =
will send this over to our developers for them to get fixed for the next =


In the meantime, you can enter results from the web app =
at www.fitsw.com.


Best =


On Mon, 24 May at 5:42 PM , =
Amantha Imber <amantha@inventium.com.au>=








Sent via Superhuman =



On Tue, May 25, 2021 at 02:55:03, Claire A <support@fitsw.freshdesk.com> =

Hi James,

Thank you so much for the =
detailed email of the issue. It would be a tremendous help to see a =
screen recording of the steps she is taking to reach this =


Let me know if this is possible so that we =
can get this fixed ASAP for you two.


Best regards,





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