FW: Bond Lodgment Completed – EL



From: RTBA =
Sent: Friday, 2 April =
2021 5:28 PM
To: =
Subject: Bond Lodgment =
Completed =E2=80=93 EL0127219905


has been named as a tenant on an Electronic Bond Lodgment received by =
the RTBA.
Property Address: 202/261 CENTRE ROAD, BENTLEIGH VIC =

This bond lodgment has been completed. Bond lodgment =
receipts will be sent to each tenant and to the property manager. =

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was automatically generated from an unmonitored email box.
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use =E2=80=98Reply=E2=80=99 to respond. Any queries about this email =
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RTBA does not accept forms by email.

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telephone 1300 137 164 so that we can remove your email address from our =
records. The RTBA respects the privacy of individuals. For a copy of our =
privacy policy please go to rentalbonds.vic.gov.au or =
contact us. =

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