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Hi Jeannine,


My name is =
James Killen, I own 3/58 & 45/58 LillyPilly Gardens =


I live in Victoria and due to our 4 Covid Lockdowns im =
finding it difficult to keep up to date with my Body Corporate =


My sole source of income is my Gymnasium and as =
mentioned, has been shutdown 4x now reducing my income to nil each time. =
I do feel embarrassed reaching out for assistance.


Im committed =
to continuing to pay the levies as I have for past 8 years, I was =
wondering if it would be possible given the circumstances and my long =
history to cancel the $220 "legal expenses" for each unit =
($440 Total) and put a hold on any interest accruing for the time =


Its a ridiculous situation down here and we have very =
little financial support. I do intend to make full payments for each =
property within the next 7 days to be up to date.


Would it be =
possible to remove the legal expense and recently accrued interest and =
ammend the total owing as a once off?


Thankyou =


James Killen

Sigma =


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