Online Coaching

I have been working with males and females all over the world from varying backgrounds since 2001 – physique competitors, bodybuilders, strength athletes, and people simply wanting improved results from their training & nutrition.


My coaching philosophy is focussed on simplicity, consistency, efficiency and education. Finding the simplest and most direct route to a goal, combined with consistency and my ability to communicate advanced training concepts provides the fastest and longest lasting results.


The clients who benefit the most from my services are those who are dedicated, motivated, open-minded and looking for specialised expertise and knowledge to reach their goals via the most direct route.


Whilst working with a client, one of my greatest values is the role of a “Consultant”.


Setting effective programming & nutrition is important, but the most value comes from being able to email questions, send technique videos, etc. Constant feedback about your execution and workouts will provide the most value rather than dogmatic instructions with no explanation or education.


Along with producing impressive results, my goal is to show you how to be analytical with your training & nutrition, whilst understanding the success variables that warrant the most attention and those that don’t.


In order to do this, I guide you step by step through the processes along with timely adjustments as required to your unique situation.

All coaching packages include: 

Training Programming

Not just sets, reps and tempo, but an overview of your training so you can understand the logic behind your programming and the “bigger picture”.


My plans are detailed, personalised and content driven. I don’t take shortcuts. If you have trained with me or watched any of my Youtube Videos you will know I am all about content. 


I also include specific cues for optimal execution and an understanding of the expected intensity of a particular session.  Programming blocks will depend on your goals, phase, and progress. If a program is producing progress, making change for change sake is asinine.  


Nutrition & Supplement Programming

The initial starting point for any nutrition plan is always an educated estimate. Anyone trying to sell the “perfect nutrition plan” is probably deluded. I’m neither a “high carb” nor a “low carb” guy, my nutrition plans are 100% customised to my client’s needs. 


I work closely with my clients to ensure we customise nutrition based on what has worked previously, food preferences, allergies etc, in addition to my guidance. Success is based on your consistency and my timely adjustments. The longer I work with a client, the better we fine-tune the process. 


Regular check ins

Check-ins are a very important part of the process so I can monitor your progress. Some clients require daily or weekly check-ins, others fortnightly or monthly. Similar to training and nutrition, its client dependant. 


Unlimited Support 

Email and Whatsapp Support. This can be used for video execution analysis or any questions relevant to your training & nutrition. Please allow a maximum of 24hours for a response (usually faster) so I can give a detailed and productive reply. 


Network of Professionals 

One of my strengths as a coach is the knowledge that I don’t know everything. As Socrates said, “ the more I learn, the more I know nothing”. This has always fuelled my desire for continual education and improvement. If there is a question I don’t have the answer to, I have a network of experts at my disposal I can refer to.  






3 month minimum





paid upfront





paid upfront


Who is James Killen? 


Without getting too philosophical, I’m a man who’s passionate about the relentless pursuit of knowledge, results, growth and education. That is why I built Sigma Physique Gym, so I can create a culture that manifests and cultivates these values. 


Growth can be defined as progress in any area of life but if you are reading this its most likely to pertain to aesthetics, physical strength and training knowledge & theory.  


This relentless pursuit of improvement is what has lead me to where I am now. 


Starting from a powerlifting background in early 2000’s and later moving to competitive bodybuilding, my exposure to a broad range of people of whom Ive been lucky enough to work and share ideas with has given me a knowledge base that can assist most people. 


You will find me either under a bar constantly challenging my body or buried inside a book challenging my mind. 


Apart from a strong understanding of training theory and personal experience, my communication skills and ability to understand a client’s state of mind has proved to be an asset in assisting my clients on their journey. 


Understanding that we can never know too much, I see myself as a humble student of life who always seeks improvement, if not perfection. 

In Person Training @ Sigma Physique  


I offer in-person training with me at the Sigma Strength & Physique in Melbourne, Australia.


Sessions are 60mins in duration and when possible, I encourage my Online clients to have at least 1 session with me. Understandably, this isn’t always possible for my overseas clients.


Movement & Technique Analysis- to troubleshoot and provide solutions for problematic movements or body parts.


Body Part Specific Training- in order to improve neural connection, technique & exercise selection/profile for lagging bodyparts.


Intensity Techniques- in order to give you a frame of reference for the training intensity required for your specific goal. Most people don’t reach their training goals due to lack of “smart intensity” as opposed to poor exercise selection.


Depending on your preferred times, please allow a maximum of 2 weeks to schedule your session.


In Person Training
$100 AUD