I think it was Woody Allen who said “showing up is 80% of life”. Maybe he was right for showbiz, but when it comes to body transformation, sadly he was wrong.

This increases exponentially in accuracy the fitter, stronger, slimmer, whatever your goal is you become. I could bore you with some cheesy NY resolution motivation about goal setting, I find the truth to be more motivating.

Here are 9 things that I am sure are TRUE from 16 years as a PT (soz, not going to argue epistemology today, they are as true as true can be)

1) “You get out of fitness, what you put in”- Freaky genetics aside, the clients who train the hardest and smartest, get the best results

2) “You are what you eat”- as above. The best and smartest eaters look the best. Smart means at minimum, knowing exactly how much you are eating.

3) “You cant out train a bad diet”- No matter how hard you try.

4) “You will not lose fat in calorie surplus”- Sorry, the laws of thermodynamics apply to humans too

5) “for the most part, If you want to get bigger, you must get stronger” – Can supply scientific literature if required. Drugs aside

6) “Women do not need to train differently to men for the same goal”- We have a few biological differences between genders, most are irrelevant.

7) “Your excuses are yours and hold zero universal relevance”- they may seem valid to you, and therefore they are. That doesn’t mean they hold absolute legitimacy. You perceive them to be true, and its up to you to change that. Our inner weasal is very strong. There are evolutionary reasons why we come up with excuses that seem so legit and relevant.

8) “If you want something enough, you will make it happen”- Its fine if you don’t, but if you do , you will find a way.

9) “Your body hates changing for the better”- You must give it a damn good reason or it will stay the same.

Its not for me to say what any client should aspire to, or what their training effort or frequency “should” be. My job is to advise , motivate, support and above all show you the most direct route to those goals.

The key is delivering the truth, whilst allowing a level of sensitivity to where the client is at emotionally. Its not enough to throw a diet at you and take you through a sesh, that wont do it for most.

But… and heres the clincher… at some stage you need to stop and address all or some of those 9 points and give a give yourself an honest appraisal. Seriously stop and give yourself a score out of 5 for each.

Then I can better help. support and guide you to where you want to be.

Happy New Year guys, lets destroy 2017!