Ive always been fascinated with the word “failure” and how subjectively it is interpreted.

Nothing highlights it more than this quote from MJ… its self explanatory.

Probably the greatest overall athlete of all time, his mental fortitude was legendary.

He misses a clutch shot, his attitude was “on to the next one”

Bad game? “Next”

Of course his attitude was backed up by self belief, created from years of success and countless hours working on his perceived weaknesses.

The point is, he would not dwell on it to a point where it affected his game, or his life. Its not success and failure. Those things are measured in seasons, years, careers, lives, not 1 shot or 1 day.

I had a conversation with a client this week, she (like many of us) gets down on herself after a bad meal, bad food day, missed session , whatever. To the point it makes her throw away the rest of the week, miss more sessions and eat garbage.

There’s obviously deeply ingrained mechanisms as to why some of us view this as “Failure” as opposed to an opportunity/motivation to change or improve.

We cant go back in time, a missed session or a bad meal has almost zero bearing on what our actions *should* be for the rest of the week. The same as mj missing a game winning shot…on to the next one.

This is the advice i gave her and i try and give myself (im great at giving others advice!)

Bad day? Tomorrows a new day
Shit meal? Enjoy it and move on
Lazy sesh? Lets smash it next one

You get my point. Life is too short to be dwelling on things we cannot change. Rather, Spend the time rearranging your priorities to ensure you can eat better or train more or whatever it is in life you are wanting, not psychological self loathing.

Have a fun long weekend!