Since 2001, IPT has been providing personalized and group training sessions for clients of all fitness levels.
Led by Owner and Head Trainer, James Killen, IPT has maintained a focus on motivating and encouraging each individual client to assist them in achieving their health and fitness goals in a fun, relaxed and non-intimidating environment.

IPT understands that everyone is different, with individual needs, goals and abilities. IPT sessions will reflect that by constantly challenging you and regularly modifying your training to keep you on track.

IPT invite you to take that first step into their fully equipped, state-of the art studio in Mckinnon, so you can begin this exciting fitness journey and look forward to a better, healthier and happier version of you.

What you can expect

  • Trainers with over 20 years experience that will hold you accountable
  • Specialised sessions individually tailored to your fitness goals eg. Fat loss, Toning, muscle gain, sports & fitness improvements.
  • Fully equipped, state of the art studio
  • Private, professional and relaxed atmosphere
  • Invitations to take up challenges and attend special events

No session is ever the same – so you’ll always remain intrigued about ‘what’s next’