For some people its a day off work, for others its a painful reminder of family members lost generations ago.

For most people it probably sits somewhere inbetween.

As 100 years go by, technology and geo-politics are so different, it can be almost impossible to relate to the hardships, suffering and trauma from all countries and allegiances.

What we do know for sure is young men suffered , young men died, families were destroyed, men were traumatised and each man at some stage had to face the prospect of death, the reality they may/will die soon.

This, ive been told is the truest form of self reflection. All the bullshit stripped away, no distracting thoughts, no dilemmas of money, jobs, body image.

What would you have changed in your life if you were in the trenches facing certain death in cold , wet mud today?

Today, is the best living conditions in the history of our species. Dont believe “back in the good ol’day”.

Science has proven without doubt that we are in the best years of our species in almost every relevant statistical category. Healthcare, war, poverty, life expectancy, infant mortality, human and animal equality etc

* check out steven pinker’s awesome book “Do humankind’s best days lie ahead?”

Without devolving into motivational BS , its worth considering 4 things:

1) life is short, it can be taken away in an instant

2) what are you doing/not doing in your life and why?

3) are your excuses really objectively valid, given the opportunites afforded to us today and hardships of generations past??

4) what small thing can you do today to steer your life in the direction you want?

Start Living. We are very lucky. Lest We Forget.