In all goals in life, anything worth doing, is worth doing well. This is the same when choosing a personal trainer. This is the Sigma ethos.


Unlike the pack leader, Alpha, Sigma does not strive for the admiration of others. Self worth & strength comes from personal achievement, not from the validation of “Pack/Society”. This is how we train, this is our personal training studio culture.


Your fitness choices, your body and your results are in your hands.
Every small decision today, shapes your future. Success is simply making as many good decisions as possible. Every rep, every set, it transcends fitness alone.
Powerful. Determined. Unstoppable.


At Sigma, our mission is to offer the attention to detail, coaching and expertise that consistently produces fast and long-lasting results. If you are seeking that ‘little bit more’ from your training, our personal training studio in Melbourne is for you.
James Killen | Head Coach.
Transforming your physique is both a physical and mental challenge, and choosing the right coaching, support and environment can be the difference between impressive results and hitting that inevitable plateau.
At Sigma, we are continually improving our knowledge base and coaching skills to ensure you are always receiving the most up-to-date training and nutritional coaching.
With a background in competitive bodybuilding, and powerlifting, we also “walk the walk”. We strongly believe in setting the example for our clients. Combining knowledge and experience with the ability to communicate is the key to continual progress and reaching big goals.
So aim high and achieve great things.

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